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The Shaman's Revenge Part 5

The Shaman's Revenge Part 5

Jordan gets spanked (again)
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Jordan was painfully aware of his nakedness, made worse by the people people all around staring and pointing at him. He desperately looked around for something to cover himself with, but the only thing he could find was a child's comic, and that of course would only cover his groin, and not his shiny red and well spanked bottom.

There was no way the two teams of athletes would allow him back in the locker room to collect his clothes, so he had to somehow make his way home. Unfortunately, home was on the other side of town. The quickest way, and his usual route, would have been through the busy centre of town, but there was no way he would do that in the nude.

He considered taking the side roads, but to his despair he saw that they were also full of people. The only option was to take the long way round, through the park.

Jordan ran as quickly as he could until he reached the park entrance, trying but failing to ignore the surprised laughter of people who saw him passing by.

Once in the park, he hid behind a bush and attempted to gather his thoughts, hoping that he could think of some way he could rescue the situation and regain his position as the top jock on campus. But no solution came to him, his reputation had been permanently damaged, and he would now forever be known as the guy who got a wedgie spanking from the coach. He cringed, as the realisation that, at that very moment, word was spreading like wildfire through the college.

His humiliation was complete, how could he ever show his face at college again?!!

His even more immediate problem was how to get home without showing is bright red and very sore bottom to that section of the town who had not already seen it?!!

While a sore bottomed and humiliated Jordan was hiding behind a bush and pondering his dilemma, in an office elsewhere in the town a telephone rang and was answered by a muscular man in his late thirties with the words. “Hello Gordon Draper?”

Ah Mr Draper!” said a serious sounding voice on the other end of the phone. “I am phoning from from the college to inform you of a serious disciplinary matter regarding your son Jordan!”

Regarding Jordan” Mr Draper sounded concerned “Is there a problem?”

I am afraid there is!” replied the voice “and it is very serious ..”

Mr Draper frowned “Go on” he said “… tell me more ...”

Back in the city park, Jordan had decided he could not stay hidden in the bushes indefinitely, and that, nude or not, he had to try and make it home. So he crawled out from his hiding place and began to make his way across the park.

It was then that he heard the sound of voices signalling than a group of people were approaching. Anxious not to be seen by any more people he crouched down and began backing towards the bushes. However, as Jordan really should have learnt by then, it would have been wise for him to check exactly where his butt was heading as he moved. However, as he was fixated on the direction the voices had come from, did not think to glance back over his shoulder.

Had he looked back, he would have seen the large spiky Arizona cactus right behind him, and realised that his, still very sore, bare bottom was heading straight for it. However, Jordan didn't look back, and moments later his much abused and exposed behind came into contact with one of planet Earth's most prickly plants.

Jordan let out a high pitched yell, as the sharp pricks of the cactus jabbed into his bright pink butt cheeks. And he leaped forward rubbing his now pricked, paddled, singed and jabbed backside!! tears welling up in his eyes. The Doctors little injection had now taken full effect with the result all sensations, especially unpleasant sensations, were considerably exaggerated.

However, Jordan's thoughts were briefly distracted from the pain in his backside, by the sudden arrival of a stray dog. Jordan did not recognize the animal, but it recognized him as the unkind human who had thrown a brick at it a few days previously.

Although Dogs have no concept of nudity, the ancient instincts inherited from the animal's wild ancestors enabled it to sense that Jordan was now exposed and vulnerable. Now was the time for the hound to take it's revenge. Bearing it's fearsome fangs and snarling the dog lunged at Jordan.

Luckily for Jordan, he had the reactions and agility of that athlete he was, and these enabled him to avoid the dog and climb a nearby tree, instants before the brute was able to sink it's teeth into his flesh.

However, if it seemed to Jordan that escaping the dog meant his luck was finally improving, he was very wrong! Our ill starred hero had only climbed about 20 foot up the tree when a branch gave way beneath him and he fell forward into a fork between the branches, where he immediately became stuck, with his front part on one side and his still rosy red bottom and kicking legs on the other side.

Jordan struggled and kicked but it look him a good ten minutes to free himself from the tight position he was in.

For those ten minutes, Jordan's beacon like bottom presented a group of little boys a perfect target for their slingshots. 

Jordan was an infamous local bully, and most of the youngsters had either suffered at his hands or knew friends who had. Hence, they took considerable pleasure in peppering his already well punished bottom with the hard pieces of gravel and small stones which they found lying around.

AAAAHHHH.... OOOOWWW!! … OUCH!! … Fuck you!! … I'll kill you, you little c..... AAAAOOOOW!! yelled Jordan's as the missiles hit their target with significant speed and impact!

The casual observer, might wonder at the mysterious coincidence of the boy's, equipped with slingshots, arriving just as Jordan got himself jammed into the tree, and in so doing became so ideal for their target practice. However, as we have learned, such coincidence were now becoming the normality of Jordan Draper's life.

Finally Jordan managed to free himself, at which point the young boy's made a swift departure, anxious to avoid their earlier target's fists.

After checking that the dog had also given up and moved on, Jordan carefully climbed back down the tree. He realised that his plan to get home through the park had been a mistake, and that he needed to get to sanctuary, to his clothes and some soothing cream for his bottom, as quickly as possible, even if that meant running stark naked through the centre of town.

Gritting his teeth he turned and ran out of the park and down the road leading to Main Street. He knew this would be embarrassing, and it certainly was.

As Jordan sprinted across Main Street, people turned, gawped and laughed, as he knew they would, sights like this were not common in small town America, and would, therefore, be remembered and talked about for many months and probably years to come.

To his horror and increasing embarrassment, he spotted a familiar face in the crowd. Lucy-Mae McCormick, the gorgeous babe he had been planning a hot date with only days before, was staring with wide eyed and shocked amusement, her hand clasped over her mouth. That hot date would now never happen, as Jordan ran on he realised that not only was his reputation destroyed but his sex life was as dead as General Custer's horse for the foreseeable future.

Finally the shamed and naked runner reached the street on which he lived. As he ran down it, that street had never seemed so long before, and why was everybody out in their front gardens?. Old Miss Turpin out tending to her roses, Mr Ericson mowing his lawn, the Turner triplets playing with their dog and that sexy well preserved MILF Mrs De Marco sunning herself on her front porch. All of them, all his neighbours, could enjoy at his nakedness and still spanked butt as he ran past, and being a handsome guy, most of them did enjoy the sight (although Agnes Turpin had to lie down in a darkened room until the palpitations subsided).

Thankfully the back door was unlocked, as Jordan's door keys were still in his sports bag back in the locker room.

As soon as Jordan got into the house he rushed into the shower and spent the next half hour in a desperate attempt to sooth his burning bottom with a carefully regulated flow of tepid, warm, water. At first it had almost no effect, but finally the healing power of cool water began to work its magic, and, although still tender and smarting, the worst of the sting in his backside began to ease. With a sigh of relief Jordan stepped out of the shower, and dried himself with a towel before making his way to his room.

His mind was spinning. Trying to fathom how he had ended up in such an uncomfortable and humiliating situation, there must be some way he could restore his reputation and then he could get his revenge on that Martin Clifford fa.......

His thought came to an abrupt halt as he stepped into his bed room and saw his father standing beside his bed, his arms folded and a furious look on his face. Bizarrely and, somewhat disturbingly, one of his Dad's size 11, rubber soled bedroom slippers was lying on Jordan's bed.

Dad? … what are you doing here?” asked Jordan, surprised to see his hard working father home so early.

I am here to deal with you son!” snapped his father “I have received some very disturbing reports about you from the college!”

Like..w ..what?” stammered Jordon, nonplussed by the sight of his usually calm and taciturn father appearing so angry and agitated! He suddenly remembered he was naked and quickly wrapped the towel he was carrying around his waist. He had never had much respect for his father, and certainly no fear, but now the man terrified him.

That you stole valuable trophies and attempted to blame fellow students for your actions. That you have been bullying younger and weaker boys, and that you have brought our family name into disrepute!” stormed the angry older man!

No Dad... its all lies ...” spluttered Jordan, “I can explain!”

The time for explanations are over Jordan!” roared his father “I have come to an agreement with the college, … and I plan to start honouring my side of that agreement right now!!”

w.. w ...w what do you mean?”

They have agreed not to prosecute, provided that I take you in hand and start imposing some long overdue … discipline!”

D.. discipline …?”

Physical discipline!” as those words still echoed round the room, Gordon Draper strode across the room and grabbed the still stunned Jordan by the ear, before dragging him towards the bed, sitting down and pulling his son over his lap.

I have agreed with the college that I will spank you Jordan, and that I will spank you hard and spank you often!” he grabbed hold of the hem of Jordan's towel and pulled it up over his waist revealing the 18 year old's bare bottom “There has not been enough spanking in your life Jordan, but that is about to change!!!”

Spanking?!! No Dad, you can't!” yelled a very alarmed Jordan “I'm 18 … and besides, my ass .. uh .. my bottom is real sore!”

Yes, and I am pleased to hear it, I was told the coach had to discipline you!” replied Mr Draper “I must thank him for, starting the job, but I plan to finish it … NOW!”

Jordan attempted to pull away and get to his feet, but his father seemed to have acquired strength he never knew he possessed, and firmly held Jordan face down across his lap.

In future, Jordan, when ever you step out of line, you will get spanked!” he raised his hand above his head, and brought it down with a loud SMACK! on Jordan's bottom “If you are rude to your Mom, or bully your brothers, you will get spanked!” SMACK! “If you get up late on a school day, you get spanked!” SMACK!

OWWW!” yelled Jordan, “Dad please stop, can't we talk about this”

However, his father continued “Anything less than an 'A' grade in your college tests , will earn you a spanking!” SMACK!!

What?” yelled Jordan, who's lifetime best academic grade in school work had been a D+ in English “I can't get A's!”

Then you are going to get lots of spankings!” SMACK” replied his father. “In fact, to start off as I intend to carry on” SMACK! “I will spank you every night for the rest of this week!” SMACK “It is no less than you deserve!” SMACK “And, if you don't behave I shall do it again every morning!” SMACK “If you think your bottom is sore now young man, that is how it going to feel every night this week!!”

You can't!” protested Jordan furiously “I'll fucking leave fucking home!”

How dare you use that language to me?” SMACK “In any event, you can't 'leave home'!” SMACK “You are forgetting a little matter of a court order!” SMACK “following the little matter of borrowing the neighbours car” SMACK “driving underage, wrecking the car and being caught in possession of Marijuana!” SMACK”The court put you under my care until you are 21!” SMACK “If you leave home, the sheriff's deputies will just bring you back … every time!”

Jordan hissed a profanity through his teeth, he had indeed forgotten that damn court order, at the time he thought it no big deal and that he had got away with what he'd done, it didn't seem like that now.

It's two and a half years until you are twenty one son, I know maths isn't your strong point, but you can get a hell of a lot of spankings in two and a half years!”

OOOWW! … no Dad please!!” wailed a now very miserable Jordan

At that point the bedroom door opened, and Jordan's two younger brothers, made curious by the noise, entered the room!

GET OUT” shouted Jordan “Make them leave Dad, I don't want them to see this..!!!”

Your brothers can stay and watch!” replied Mr Draper “It will do them good to see what happens top naughty boys …. even if they are 18! SMACK!!

Jordan's embarrassment at his spanking being watched by his brothers would have been even worse, had he realised that, with the bedroom windows open the sound of his bare bottom spanking was floating out of the window to the street below where a crowd was already gathering. A curious observer might ask why both Martin Clifford and Coach Amundsen had chosen to walk down that suburban street that very afternoon. However, the curious observers were too occupied by the sounds coming from Jordan's bedroom to notice the two men joining them.

They, however, noticed each other and exchanged a glance, which briefly revealed a kinship. The coach maintained a straight faced expression, but Martin could not hide the grin which spread across his face as he realised that he was not alone in the sensations he was feeling.

A thrill of previously unknown excitement ran through him, as he listened the smacks and yelps coming from the open bedroom window, in his mind's eye he imagined Mr Draper's hard palm smacking down again and again onto Jordan's beautifully formed bottom. Handsome swimming jock Jordan Draper was getting the comeuppance he so deserved, and the excitement and pleasure which that knowledge gave Martin would stay with him for a long while.

As the men outside the house, continued to listen to Jordan's spanking, a very old man hobbled past them. Goran, for it was he, stopped briefly and listened to the sounds. He then chuckled to himself, straightened up and then walked on, now with a renewed and more youthful vigour to his stride.

Back in the bedroom the smacks had turned to WHACKS as Mr Draper had picked up his slipper and begun spanking Jordan with that. The towel had fallen away, and Jordan was now naked. The pain in his bottom was now unbearable, and despite being observed by his little brothers, tears were now streaming down his face and he, Jordan Draper, the handsomest and coolest dude on campus was crying and blubbering like a little kid.

Nothing in his 18 year on earth had been so painful and humiliating. He had been publicly shamed, stripped naked, his bottom subjected to a multitude of agonising punishments, and now it seemed he was facing a full week of spankings. It could not possibly get worse than this …..

Or could it ….....?


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The Shaman's Revenge - Part 4

The Shaman's Revenge (Part 4)

Click here for previous episodes – Prologue Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 
It was a moot point as to whether it was further evidence of Jordan's bad luck, the Shaman's curse, or merely his own misdeeds, which caused the handsome young swimmer's cute and sensitive, 18 year old bottom to become the target of two teams of hostile, testosterone driven, and very muscular late adolescent jocks, but either way, the outcome was very uncomfortable and humiliating.

On their own, each boy would be charming and polite young gentlemen, however, as history's great generals, dictators and sports team coaches were very aware, when you place healthy and hot blooded young men such as these into a group and then set them loose, other more primal instincts can come to the fore.

The two teams of College age athletes were now a feral pack, acting in unison and with one aim, and that was to inflict well deserved and overdue punishment on Jordan Draper's butt! 
When the, normally timid, Toby Suter produced his little tube of extra hot embrocation, they were unanimously, and enthusiastically, of the view that this was the ideal substance to be liberally applied to Jordan's, now well paddled, bottom. Only Jordan took the view that this was an exceedingly bad idea, but alas (or maybe hooray!) he was overwhelmingly outvoted.

Hold the jerk down!” laughed Scott Colby, as he and two of his classmates forced Jordan into what was unquestionably the most undignified and revealing wrestling hold it was possible for a naked male to find himself in. On his back with his legs, and, by extension, his butt cheeks, well spread so that his most intimate body parts were on full display!!

Toby removed the cap from the tube and squeezed a large dollop of embrocation into his palm, and then kneeled down in front of Jordan's inverted and uplifted bottom. As he did so, he thought of all the times that this, previously dominant, jock had intimidated, bullied and belittled him. Toby was not a naturally cruel person, but he had suffered at the hands of Jordan Draper, so he felt only satisfaction at getting his own back, by adding a further degree of heat to his previous tormentors already well toasted posterior.

He smeared equal quantities of the cream onto the palms of both hands and then brought them down with two loud SMACKS onto Jordan's butt cheeks before proceeding to rub the embrocation into the skin, ensuring that it was distributed to the whole area. Being straight by nature, Toby would normally avoid looking at another male's anus, let alone touching it, but in this instance, such reluctance was forgotten, with the result that every inch of the target area was liberally coated, including the hypersensitive virgin ring at it's centre.

That's good!!” cheered Scott “really rub it in – make sure he feels it!!”

With the help of a second teamate, Scott forced Jordan into a position similar to that which is often called the “diaper position” with his bottom the highest part of his body, thus offering Toby a perfect target ont which to apply the hot embrocation.

It took a few seconds before the warming effect of the embrocation began to take effect, but then the heat began to spread, getting hotter and hotter as it did so, and within moments Jordan's already battered and stinging bottom began to burn with a ferocity not dissimilar to sitting on a red hot brazier.

YEEEEAAAAGHHHH!!” screamed the singed Jock “It's burning, its burning!!”

It's supposed to you wimp!” laughed Scott “That's how it works!!

I need to wash it off!” wailed Jordan “I need the showers!!!”

Oh no!” interrupted Martin Clifford, who had been watching silently until then, “the showers are not for liars and thieves … you might contaminate them!”

For a moment the athletes fell silent, struck by the obvious
anger of Martin's unexpected intervention, but then, as they remembered that Martin and Rubin had been Jordan's intended victims, they began nodding in agreement.

No! You can't use the showers!” agreed Scott “the showers are for gentlemen, not creeps like you!” … he laughed! “you can always use the fountain in College garden... that will cool you off!”

And out there everyone else will get to see your lovely red butt Jordan!” grinned Martin

The men all laughed, and seconds later, Jordan was lifted off his feet and carried towards the door!! “No guys, please!” he pleased “At least give me my clothes!”

You don't need clothes fella'!!! laughed a swimmer “Not with a great bod like yours!”

Jordan had always been proud of his body, but now the last thing he wanted was for anyone to see him naked.

However, within seconds a totally naked and protesting Jordan was pushed through the main Lockeroom door, which backed onto the central college hallway and the door slammed behind him. Desperate for some clothes, he banged on it and attempted to reason with the men behind it, but it soon became obvious they had no intention of letting him back in, or letting him have his clothes.

Suddenly a high pitched scream of surprise and delight echoed down the corridor as two female tennis players walked in and spotted the naked swimmer.

Jordan quickly clutched his hands over his exposed genitals, keenly aware that he could not cover his red and very obviously just spanked bottom. He had to find something to cover himself with, but first he had an even greater priority, to ease the agonising burning in his backside. In the locker room, Scott had suggested the fountain as a joke, but now it seemed the only option. Still clutching his cock and balls in his hands, Jordan ran down the corridor, passed the two highly amused, and slightly aroused, girls out of the main door into the quadrangle.

Despite Jordan's overblown sense of ego and the stomach turning humiliation he felt at being exposed stark naked to the whole college with a bright red spanked bottom, he now had one overriding goal which was to ease the fiery sting in his behind, and wash off the burning embrocation.

With no balm or soothing cream to hand and with access to the locker room shower barred to him, the tiny fountain in the campus gardens was the only source of cool soothing water close at hand, he had to get to it, and to do so as quickly as possible!

Students of both genders (there were only two back then) gawped, laughed and cheered as Jordan ran past them. They all ha no idea why Jordan was naked, or why he had been so obviously spanked, but of course, the full story would get to all of them very soon, and that knowledge added hugely to Jordan's misery,

To his horror, when he reached the gardens, he found that the fountain had been turned off whilst maintenance was carried out to the pipes, however there was still water in the tiny lilly pond around it. That would have to do. 

 He jumped into the pond, gripping the edges with his hands and quickly lowered his punished and burning bottom into the water.

Unfortunately for Jordan, in his desperation to cool the sting in his tush he lowered it much too quickly, without considering that there might be something other than water and lilies in the pond.

For reasons best known to the dark humour of fate, and maybe also to he demons conjured up by and old East European warlock, an old rusty child's toy had at some point fallen into the pond and. Over time had become wedged into the rocks at the bottom.

This was no flimsy modern toy, crumbling from built in obsolescence, but rather it was a solid 1950's toy, well made, and made to last. It was, by the standards of the time, a boy's toy, a sturdy metal truck with a disproportionately large towering crane on its back. Due to the position in which the truck had become planted in the rocks, the hard metal crane now pointed skywards towards the surface like some submerged and rampant phallus, and for our heterosexual young anti-hero, that symbolism was about to become a painful and humiliating reality.

As Jordan's cherry pink bottom descended rapidly into the water it landed straight onto the the rigid and erect crane which rammed straight up through his tight rectum and deep inside him.

Jordan leaped from the water as if shot from a cannon, let out a high pitched howl and jumped up and down round the garden clutching his spanked, scorched and now anally penetrated rump.

As many virgins discover, the first time can be painful, and this was certainly the case for Jordan. 

In so many ways since his ill fated encounter with the old Shaman, Jordan was really, to use his own colourful idiom, .... Fucked.


Meanwhile, on another part of the university complex Chase Colby was up to no good! Using his one free hand, the handsome 20 year old Caretaker's assistant silently unfastened his belt and unzipped his tight blue jeans, before reaching inside, grabbing hold of his rapidly stiffening dick, and gripping it tightly.

His other hand was fully occupied holding his dad's prized new Betamax video camera which he had borrowed for the purpose. From his position kneeling in the small crawlspace about the College locker rooms, he could see directly into the girls showers through a hole he had made there a few weeks before. The video camera was aimed directly at the hole, as the girls lacrosse team had just finished their practice and would soon be nude and using those showers.

Of course, Chase was supposed to be at the other end of the crawlspace, above the boy's locker room and getting rid of a hornet's nest which had been causing concerns to the faculty, and to his boss, Wil Bryant, the Caretaker. 

“Fuck the wasps!” he thought, who cared if a few posh rich boys got stung, he had more important and lucrative things to do.

Chase had made almost $200 selling copies of the last two videos he had filmed through that same hole, but his customer were demanding clearer and more “intimate” images, and Chase was more than willing to oblige, he wanted to see that too.

Suddenly Chase almost lost his balance when a pulse of excitement shuddered though him as he recognised the person who had just stepped into sight, and into camera range. Patsy Wagner was not only a smoking hot chick but she had the biggest breasts, or “juggs” as Chace charmingly referred to them, in the College. Chase shifted position in an attempt to get a better shot, his customers wanted more than just boobs. If Patsy moved a little to the right, he would see her …. yes …. yes … any second now he would see her pu... DAMN! That flat chested Darlene Morse had got in the way! Nobody wanted to see her, she looked like a guy!!

Chase leaned further forward anxious to get a better view of Patsy Wagner's lower body. Meanwhile his right hand was moving back and forth along the now rigid shaft of his cock. He tried not to move it too quickly, he didn't want to cum too soon, like he so often did, that would ruin everything, like it usually did. However, it was getting more and more difficult to resist the increasingly insistent urges gaining hold of his fit young body.

It was at that crucial moment that Darlene Morse stepped out of the shower and Patsy Wager was momentarily exposed in all her naked glory. Alas, what would otherwise have been the money shot was lost in a blur, as Chase immediately came in his hand and dropped the camera in his excitement.

The camera hit the floor of the crawlspace with a loud bang which immediately announced Chase's presence to the women below.

There is somebody there!” shouted one girl, as she and the others ran out of the showers and retrieved their towels “Someone is watching us … look, there's a spy hole!!”

Never brave in a crisis, Chase panicked. His impulse was to get himself, and his camera, as far away from the spyhole as he could, as quickly as he could, which was not easy in the cramped space he was in. Bending double he backed across the crawlspace in the direction of the area above the men's locker rooms, a location where he had a legitimate reason to be.

However, as observant readers will recall, but Chase had forgotten, only a few minutes earlier he had unfastened his belt and unzipped his jeans, and, as can be the way with gravity, they picked the most inopportune moment to fall down around his knees. Given the speed and awkward nature of his attempted escape, this caused him to trip, fall over backwards and slip feet first down a sloping surface towards the eves. He had picked up quite a speed as his feet hit the panels at the edge of the crawlspace, just beneath the eves of the roof.

As an unwise economy measure during the construction of the building, inferior timber had been used, and the wood gave way creating a hole, through which the lower half of Chase's body slipped before getting stuck half way, with his top half still inside the crawlspace and the lower half hanging outside.

As his jeans were now around his knees, and as he had not bothered to wear underpants, the upper part of Chase's legs and his bare bottom were not fully exposed on the outside of the building.
Although, uncomfortable, embarrassing and inconvenient, this alone was not Chase's only misfortune. Due to another of those strange coincidences, which had recently begun to plague Jordan Draper's life, the hole though which Chase Colby's lower body was protruding, just happend to be mere inches from the hornets nest he was supposed to have removed. Furthermore, his bare and exposed white bottom was in direct line of the entrance of the nest, through which angrily buzzing hornets were already appearing.

Chase Struggled to free himself, but this merely caused an already precariously placed beam to collapse onto him, pinning him in place.

Chases first thought was how embarrassing and uncomfortable his position was, but when the first hornet landed on his bottom he realised that his situation was considerably worse than he had first thought.

Chase frantically reached out to try and find something solid which he could grip in order to pull himself free, but the fragile and rotten timber gave way when any pressure was placed on it. The frenzied movement also caused his bottom to jerk around which antagonized the already angry hornet. 

Within moments a hornet had stung one cheek, whilst a second stung the top of his thigh, these were merely the vanguard and were swiftly followed by a third and then a fourth hornet, each jabbing their venom laden stingers into Chase's exposed butt flesh, sending a stream of molten lava like fury into the unlucky young hunk.

Chase yelled out in pain, wriggling helplessly as a cloud of hostile insects descended on his defenceless and very exposed bottom.

CHASE COLBY! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!” Wil Bryant's voice boomed out from behind him “I cannot trust you to do even a simple job! … look what you've done! now you have wrecked the building!”

Will had come to investigate reports of a peeper in the girls locker room, and had not been prepared for the sight of his young assistant's legs and bare bottom sticking out of a hole in the roof of the building surrounded by stinging insects. He hurried to the side of the building and climbed the ladder Chase had used in order to access the crawlspace above the lockers.

Being a strong man, it did not take long for Wil to pull Chase free, and on spotting the video camera, it took him even less time to put two and two together and realise that Chase was the peeper whom the women's lacrosse team had reported.

Will picked up the camera and turned to Chase, who was wailing and frantically rubbing his hornet stung backside “We have some matters to discuss young man!” he said

the two men both climbed out of the tight roof space, and upon reaching the ground, Will took hold of Chase by the ear and then led the miserable young apprentice to the stock room behind the Caretaker office, at which point Will opened a draw and brought out a small wooden paddle baring the, now particularly fitting, slogan “Dad's Little Stinger”

I think you remember this from the time we had the little issue with the missing petty cash!” he growled “This is even more serious, you could get the college into serious trouble by filming the young ladies!”

B..but Boss, you can't paddle me I've been sung on the butt!” groaned Chase “It sure hurts like it's on fire!”

Either you take a paddling from me, or your Dad and the sheriff will find out what you were doing with that, there, video filming camera!” replied Will, knowing full well that, even at 20, Chase was terrified of his construction worker father, and also that, with his record, his handsome young apprentice could not afford another run in with the law. He had Chase at his mercy and intended to take full advantage of that fact.

Aw! Boss please don't!” protested Chase, his voice taking on the plaintive whine of a much younger lad “Dad will kill me!”

"Well then take of them jeans and bend over!” 

Chase's poorly educated mind strained to think of some clever words which might defend his sore bottom from Wil's paddle, but none came to him. Reluctantly he removed his sneakers and blue jeans, and then, wearing nothing but his sock, Chase padded across the room and bent over in front of Wil as instructed.

My!” murdered Wil “Those hornet stings look sore! nasty critters those South American hornets, real poisonous varmits ….. You'll need to see Dr Schults later, he'll probably put you on a course of shots to avoid infection!” 

He grinned to himself, he knew the good doctor's ways of dealing with handsome, wayward youths, and like Coach Amundsen, Will fully approved of those methods! “Yup, you will need a course of shots in that butt o' yours…. maybe for a month, just to be sure … I will speak to the doc after this!”

With that, he raised the paddle and brought it down with a loud WHACK! on Chase's upraised and hornet stung bottom. Poor Chase yelled in pain as the hard wood collided with the fresh stings which peppered his butt cheeks, his video filming plans were going to cost him dearly.

As the paddle whacks echoed around the room, Chase had other thing on his mind rather than the night before, when he had drunk beer and played loud punk music into the early hours, ignoring his old East European neighbour hammering on the floor of the apartment above him.

It was Chase's bad luck and to some degree Chase's own fault that, now he had evoked his ancient powers, the increasingly grouchy old Shaman had decided to spread his revenge around.